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New MacBooks = Glass Trackpad


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Apple Knows People

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I get Fast Company Magazine at our apartment. Not because I have a bit of entrepreneurship in me, but because there’s always something interesting to pull out in the articles.

This article makes perfect sense…and we can learn from it. If you’ve ever been to an Apple store, you know what’s coming when you walk in the door: tons of customers playing with toys, and friendly employee faces that seem to just be hanging out, seemingly not working too hard. Then, as they see the need, they approach you and (1) ask some questions about what you’re looking for (2) ask permission to share some info that could help you in your search and (3) keep digging to find out which product you’d most enjoy. And Apple sells $4,000 worth of product per square foot per month.

The takeaway: “When employees become sharers of information, instead of sellers of products, customers respond.”

Maybe the Church needs to stop selling a product and start simply sharing information. Maybe people actually do warm up to someone who wants to know them for who they are, and not just to shove off some product on them. Maybe God created human beings to be relational after all….and not just robots at your doorstep with a flyer in their hand. Maybe conversations in Starbucks get started easier with your neighbor at the next table when you’re just “talking,” simply sharing life….and not trying to force feed an unsuspecting person a list of why they should be like you.

Jesus seemed to be better at prompting questions and starting up conversations than he was at selling bobblehead dolls and bumper stickers anyway.

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