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Today I Live Outside

It couldn’t feel any better outside. My plan…
1. Procrastinate taxes filing…again.
2. Sit and read outside at my favorite cafe, It’s A Grind.
3. Think about how much the ending to The Mist jacked up my mind.
4. Breathe a sigh of relief that those silly Scrantons have returned.
5. Think about my less fortunate friends who can’t be outside today because the sun damages their soft, pale skin.
6. Listen to the Bon Iver record over and over and over again.
7. Look people in the eyes and smile.
8. Melt at the sound of Wade’s vocals on Undivided (which you can’t hear yet, jealous?)

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Coffee is Good…For You

coffee drinker

Oh, yeah, there’s benefits…

Researchers have discovered that coffee delivers more health-giving antioxidants to our diet than fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Study by Professor Joe Vinson, Scranton University in Pennsylvania

At six cups a day and under, coffee reduces your chance of getting Parkinson’s disease, liver and colon cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, Type 2 diabetes, and if you are a fast metabolizer, heart disease.

-Study by Janet Roloff, ‘Science News Magazine’

A bonus…coffee improves male fertility.

Study by Brazilian scientists, ‘Trend Letter’, April 2006

And unlike soda, coffee actually improves creativity, fights fatigue, and has a long half life (six hours).

–Study by Peter N. Witt, Charles F. Reed, and David B. Peakall. A Spider’s Web: Problems in Regulatory Biology

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