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For All Your Production Inquiries…

Wes Watson is our Lead Producer on staff here at Elevation. He’s just launched his new, sleek, and all inclusive blog where he’ll be updating what happens on stage and behind the stage on Sundays here. He’ll be posting videos, pics, and cute little mp3 bites from each week….along with some insight into his world as our multi-talented-do-it-all-or-else-including-video-sound-stagedesign-and-being-generally-awesome-as-a-human.

Go here now to see his new do.

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Write What You Know

It’s a big passion of ours at Elevation to write songs that are specific for this city, for this church. We feel like there’s so much power in writing about what God’s up to in our local community. There’s a unique connection that people have to the words when they know that the song was birthed out of a milestone time in the church’s life. Or sometimes it may be simply a series that we’re going through where we’re communicating an aspect of God’s character and want to give the people a voice for it…a way to express what they’re learning through song.

A few summers ago, I was serving in New Orleans, and one of the leaders who was there had been a missionary in Africa for 10 years.  She shared this with me…

For 10 years, no matter where we traveled in Africa to visit different churches, there was always one unique element that gave each church it’s own vibe, one defining characteristic that was different than any of the other churches.  The same Gospel, of course, was being preached everywhere.  But the music was always different every church we’d go to.  They didn’t have the means of hearing other songs that were being sung from different regions, so they had no other choice but to write their own worship songs – to put to music and lyrics all the works they were seeing God do in their local villages.

What a picture.  The praises of God being sung in different languages and dialects all to a different tune and rhythm, all being birthed out of different communities and from different hearts.

God’s never going to run out of melodies to give his children.  So let’s keep tapping his heart to hear what he’s got for us.  Worship leaders – especially those who are serving in a local church – don’t be afraid to write specifically for your city.  Don’t worry about whether or not it’ll be the next Tomlin or United hit.  Live and love in your community, and ask God what songs he wants his people singing there.  And then bring those songs to life.

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It’s Here

The Day Of Catalyst is upon us. It has come. We are going. Our Pastor is going to speak passion and hope into 12,000 hearts from the main stage. I’ll watch and be filled with pride and honor that I am a part of this movement in Charlotte. See you there.

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A Reminder…

…as to where I’ve been spending more of my time recently. Check it.

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It Happens…And Quite Often

This may look shocking to you, but I see it everyday….

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If You’ve Ever Wondered What We Think About…

Follow the ramblings of our creative team here at Elevation on the new section of Pastor Steven’s blog.

Oh, and I’m writing this post from my new IPhone. Just thought I’d brag a bit.

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A Sing-Along-Song

Here’s one of the new worship tunes we’ve written recently for the Church. Hope you enjoy the stylish musings of Wade Joye.

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Man, it’s been busy…and here’s why. It’s worth it.

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Awakening Students

Next weekend–Friday August 22 and Saturday August 23–we’re having a student gathering called Awakening Students. It’s going to be the raddest thing happening those two nights anywhere. Yes, anywhere. So be there.

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Support Your Local Music

The Elevation Worship CD, We Are Alive, has hit I-Tunes. If you haven’t gotten a copy, go download one now! If you’ve got already, write a review on I-Tunes for it. Send all your friends there. Tell your mom, tell your dad.

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