i am chris brown…for now


So Beth and I just got back from getting a couples massage. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night. Beth needed it more than me with her new work schedule….I just had to go along for support. Now, to bed.

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It Sold

Our house is sold!! We closed today and we’re no longer paying two mortgages! God has really taken care of us. We put it on the market in May, and in the shape of today’s real estate, it’s definitely because of him that it sold this quickly. We’ve learned a lot in the last few months from Wade and Ferris and their girls about praying very specifically for things, down to the small details. So in mid July, we began praying that the house would be under contract by the end of July. And it was. Thank God.

It’s bittersweet saying goodbye to your first home. Oh well…it’s done with. The check is on the way.

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I Like It When She’s Here

I’m alone. Beth left me all week alone here in Charlotte. I thought I’d be ok with it. Except I’m not.

So I’ve been tracking some new material with Mack the last two nights…generally trying to keep my mind off the issue at hand. My wife is gone. Hate it.

Any ideas on what I should do to pass the rest of my time until her return on Friday?

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Rest for the Weary

Enjoying some much needed time off this weekend. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

(along with a little of this…)

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Sad Sad City

How to kick my weekend off right….

1. Bagel and coffee with Beth

2. Ghostland Observatory back in the ipod mix

3. Reassuring myself that I am, in fact, ok after mistaking Peroxide for water and taking a big gulp.

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My Dog Hates Your Dog…and Child

Oliver, the Adorable

For whatever reason unknown to me and my wife Beth, our small dog becomes a vicious tyrant of his territory when he gets around other dogs, as well as small children. It’s gotta be a “small man” type syndrome or something as he’s quite small himself. What’s unfortunate is that he couldn’t be a better lap dog (which is what Beth wanted) when he’s at home with us or any group of large people/adults. But when he senses another creature of small stature in his midst, he becomes a vile and virtually unlovable puppy. How you ask? With such a lovable face as this…? And yes, it is one that you could love deeply, as long as you’re at least ten years of age and don’t own any other pets. So here’s to anomalies!

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