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Catalyst was the jam. Great time. Excellent worship leaders. Overload of wisdom. Catching up with friends. Pastor Steven brought it from the stage. It was incredible. And I’m sure there’s plenty more blogs around doing a much more eloquent job of describing the days there, along with a run down of what every communicator said, so go find them.

After we left, Mack and I surprised our wives with a weekend in downtown Atlanta. We stayed at the W Hotel, the raddest hotel I’ve ever been in…straight out of Oceans 11-13 with it’s uber-modern-hipster-vibe. We had reservations at Ruth’s Chris for dinner Friday night, came back to the hotel for some late night conversation by the 5th floor pool y cabana overlooking Atlanta’s skyline and talked about how fortunate we are – in life – we’re blessed. (**I apologize for the phone quality pictures…but that’s all you’ll ever get from me).

Then on Saturday, we grabbed slaw dogs and burgers at The Varsity before going to see Wicked at the Fox. What a well written musical. Great story, perfected melodies, and witty dialogue. Yeah…we kept hearing all weekend how we are the best husbands and such…over and over and over again. Beth and Meredith are so lucky to have us.

So, what did you do this weekend?

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I twitter.  Didn’t think I’d like it, but I do.  Love it.  And I love seeing what others are up to.  Not only do I keep up with friends from long ago, but I get to follow Michael Bay as he twitters about having just blown up 2 million pigeons, or makes fun of Shia Labeouf.  I ask you, what could be better?

Come Follow Me.

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Breakfast Bunch

Thursday mornings I eat a mighty early breakfast with a few guys. We talk about life, our wives, and why God made cheese squares and bears.

We love Jonathan’s. We even tried to change it up one time and go to a different restaurant, only to discover it was the biggest mistake we’d ever make. It could be the variety of food served there (which seems to be common theme in Charlotte eateries). It could be the clip-art signs (sometimes misspelled) on the front door, showcasing the variety of breakfast, Italian, Greek, cherry pie, and wine and beer that is served there.

…It could be the ducks or the peacock that surround this restaurant located just off I-485.

Or the eery feeling we get when we regularly watch an individual walk through the parking lot directly into the tall forest brush and disappear (not unlike this , this, or this).

Whatever it is, we feel apart of Jonathan’s. It feels like home. They know our names. They know what we like to eat and drink. Suzie even has a nickname for one of us…Casper. We don’t know why she calls him Casper…we’ve never bothered to ask, it just works for her, so it works for us.

Here’s to Jonathan’s. Cheers.

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It Happens…And Quite Often

This may look shocking to you, but I see it everyday….

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After 21 days of fruits and vegetables, we threw down on some meat and cheese topped off by chocolate a la mode tonight…and will continue to do so throughout the week. Oh, the satisfaction that comes with a bacon double cheeseburger.

And I can’t really understand how the same guy who owns this site, can eat his weight in greasy beef, smothered with 3 layers of cheese and mayonnaise, washed down with red velvet cake, but somehow it works for him.

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IM New Orleans

My good friends Rob and his wife, Annabeth, are missionaries in New Orleans. I love their story and their mission. They’ve got a huge heart and a unique calling on that city. Rob and his brother, Greg, are staying nearby the city right now so they can get back in and setup relief work in Uptown NOLA through their church as soon as Gustav calms down some more.

Pray for them. Follow Rob’s regular updating here.

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Siesta y Fiesta

This Sunday afternoon:

1. dessert and coffee at Cheesecake Factory with family and friends from Columbia.

2. nap time with Oliver (he may look innocent kids, but in all seriousness, he’ll rip your eyes out).

3. spanish-flavored birthday-dinner-party for Ferris with friends.

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Man-tooth Love

My extra sweet suitemate from college and lifelong pal, Matt Mantooth, started blogging.
Show him some love.

He’s the one with the pipe and glasses in this Limited Edition 2003 Holiday greeting card.

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Community is good

Last Friday night Beth and I left the hospital realizing how good it is to be among friends who care for another. It was the third night in a row we’d been at CMC with other close friends praying over Wade and Ferris’ little girls, Liana and Adleigh. That night we also celebrated the birth of a monster baby (10.2 lbs), affectionately named Evan, to some of our closest friends, Eric and Nicole. They were right down the hall from each other, so around 12 of us shifted back and forth between their rooms, the cafe, and the hallway where we peered in at Evan Almighty.

I felt great. Life felt right. It made sense.

I heard old high school stories from my favorite storyteller. I laughed at witty Asian humor. I congratulated friends. I prayed more with friends. Hey, I even got 2 hotdogs for $2 on a Friday night special. What could be better?

What do you enjoy about your friends? Let us know.

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You may or may not have heard about my friends Wade and Ferris and their 2 little girls that were born 3 months prematurely last Wednesday night.  If not, please read the story here.  This statement has been echoing recently: “What you do reveals what you believe about God regardless of what you say.”  

They’ve challenged me with their faith.  

They’ve prayed bold “my-God-is-bigger-than-this-medical-report” prayers.  

They’ve told the doctors and nurses there how God is going to deliver Liana and Adleigh. 

They’re not concerned with “if” – only waiting on “when.”

They’ve emptied their love on their girls even if it’s been through incubators.  

They’re two of the most steady people I’ve ever met.  

Their faith won’t be shaken.  


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