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So Beth and I just got back from getting a couples massage. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night. Beth needed it more than me with her new work schedule….I just had to go along for support. Now, to bed.

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New MacBooks = Glass Trackpad


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Rest for the Weary

Enjoying some much needed time off this weekend. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

(along with a little of this…)

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In college I developed the practice of leaving a $20 bill in one of my two winter coats at the end of the season, so I’d forget about it and rediscover it 10 months later. And every winter I surprised myself. Loved it.

So here’s to rediscovering!

Here’s to the three things I re-found today, as if for the first time, and still love just as deeply.

1. Ginger Ale
2. Guster’s Keep It Together, and more pointedly, Come Downstairs and Say Hello
3. Rice

**There was a new discovery today as well. Iced coffee served in a hefty beer mug. I hope to forget that only to stumble upon it again one day.

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Leaving town to spend the Fourth with some family. Any celebration time with my family = food, laughs, and the cutest niece in the world…

Hope you got some time off and enjoy it. Happy July 4th!

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A Chocolate Birthday

Today is Beth’s birthday.
That’s my beautiful wife.
She’s turning 26.
She’s the best human I know.
She’s the funniest woman I’ve ever met.
She’s told me that the best present I could ever give her would be to fill up a garden tub with chocolate so she could bathe in it.
She’s going to open a bakery one day called “Sweet and Nasty.”

We went out to eat Saturday night. Beth’s pick. Here’s the one thing that matters when she’s choosing any restaurant we go to: “What’s the desert menu look like?” The main course is nothing more than a cumbersome means to the ultimate end…chocolate. But not just any chocolate. She spent this past week scoping out who makes the best chocolate desert in Charlotte. It’s true, I came home everyday last week to a list of 5 new restaurants and their desert menus.

All in all, she ate her weight in multiple layered chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream. It was a grand night.

She’s the best. Incredible. Gorgeous. I’m blessed. Happy Birthday, Beth!!

*pic by Sean Lyon

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4 Guaranteed Ways To Enhance Your Well-Being

1. Eat Lucky Charms for breakfast and dinner.
2. Listen to Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova lullabies while sitting on your porch in 65 degree weather.
3. Grow a mustache (even though this will always prove fruitless for me).
4. Go to bed when your wife says it’s time.

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She’s Done!!

I am so proud of my wife. She graduated from grad school this weekend with a Masters in Social Work….(drumroll)….with a 4.0 GPA. Yeah, she’s smart and beautiful. And she’s got the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. I am blessed. She is awesome.

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How To Make A Good Sunday Evening

1. Miles
2. Banana Pancakes (the food, not the song)
3. My wife

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4 Things That Make Me Relax

1. Ryan Adam’s Love is Hell (particularly the tone of the guitar solo in “Shadowlands”).
2. My wife’s voice after a long day.
3. Merton’s poetry. Never gets old.
4. Peaches in a bowl of soy milk with a little sprinkled sugar.

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