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Caption Please…

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In college I developed the practice of leaving a $20 bill in one of my two winter coats at the end of the season, so I’d forget about it and rediscover it 10 months later. And every winter I surprised myself. Loved it.

So here’s to rediscovering!

Here’s to the three things I re-found today, as if for the first time, and still love just as deeply.

1. Ginger Ale
2. Guster’s Keep It Together, and more pointedly, Come Downstairs and Say Hello
3. Rice

**There was a new discovery today as well. Iced coffee served in a hefty beer mug. I hope to forget that only to stumble upon it again one day.

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Back To Reality

So we’re back from the glorious Panama City–where much relaxing took place. So awesome, insightful posts should resume now (3 cheers)…as well work. But today is Memorial Day, and I slept in, and Memorial Day hair looks like this

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It’s Friday Night…

Sorry for lack of posts this week. I know it’s been very disappointing to the few of you who read this. It’s been quite the crazy week. I’ve kind of felt like this guy…..

But the weekend is here. Party tonight with friends. Sleep a lot tomorrow. Play bluegrass on Sunday. Leave for the beach after the hoedown.

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I love this guy

If you enjoy anything that is good. If you’re a fan of life….then how could you not love Ryansworth?

He’s cute, he looks like Michael Cera, and makes the best art from scratch. And art from scratch is good art.

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Oh, The Things That Sadden Me Late on a Sunday Night…

1. Gene Hackman said he’s done. Finished with acting. And I thought he’d have at least 2 more Wes Anderson movies left in him.

2. My wife rented Troop Beverly Hills for her pure entertainment. That’s right, I said rented, not just happened upon on the Disney Channel…premeditated.

3. The condition of my spare tire. My donut. My muffin top.

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House For Sale

Been tied up the last couple of days prepping our house in Columbia SC to get on the market. Getting ready to put in a new kitchen floor, touch up painting, light fixtures, and all the other gross stuff I love to hate about getting a house ready to sale. Know anyone looking to buy in the downtown Columbia area?

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Maybe I Should Join…

…for my safety…in case of emergencies.

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Cereal Never Looked So Good

Don’t be surprised if you see me sportin’ this attire around town soon.

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