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For All Your Production Inquiries…

Wes Watson is our Lead Producer on staff here at Elevation. He’s just launched his new, sleek, and all inclusive blog where he’ll be updating what happens on stage and behind the stage on Sundays here. He’ll be posting videos, pics, and cute little mp3 bites from each week….along with some insight into his world as our multi-talented-do-it-all-or-else-including-video-sound-stagedesign-and-being-generally-awesome-as-a-human.

Go here now to see his new do.

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If You’ve Ever Wondered What We Think About…

Follow the ramblings of our creative team here at Elevation on the new section of Pastor Steven’s blog.

Oh, and I’m writing this post from my new IPhone. Just thought I’d brag a bit.

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Man, it’s been busy…and here’s why. It’s worth it.

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This Is Why We Moved

Last May (2007), Beth and I were moving to Nashville. It had been in the works for months at that point…I had made a connection or two (…wow…), she’d transferred school credits, and we were ready to close on an apartment.

Then, on the Sunday we were heading out there to start tracking for the Starbore project and finalize some other moving details, “it” happened. I was leading worship at Elevation that morning and Pastor Steven challenged everyone to take their faith public, to be baptized if they’d never taken that step before. And that morning, I sat back stage and watched, literally, hundreds of people file in from the hall onto the stage to step and say in front of everyone, “God has ignited a passion in my heart, and I’m ready to live out his heart in the world.”

I cried. I moved to a dark shadowy place backstage and cried. I’d never seen such an act of God. Never been a part of something so God-honoring, or seen such a fire in teenagers and grandparents alike. And I needed it. I needed to witness it.

Apparently my wife needed to witness it as well. We got in the car to head for Nashville right after the services that morning and looked at each other in amazement of what God had done. We knew our move to Nashville had been redirected to Charlotte.

Today at Elevation, we had baptisms again. And today, we saw God move in such a huge, life-changing way…one that man could never possibly take credit for. I won’t give any details away, because I’m sure Pastor will be posting soon to let you know exactly what we saw happen today at Elevation. God is on the move here in Charlotte. I feel like I’m in the middle of watching his kingdom come to earth. This is why we moved. I’m glad we did.

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The weekend starts now and stops in 50 hours

*Dean and Deluca’s for dinner and coffee

*Movie at our place


*Up early tomorrow for auditions for Elevation Worship Ministry

*7 hours straight of auditions for Elevation Worship Ministry

**Sleep more

*Up early Sunday for a huge day in the life our church


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Move On

To live is to change, and to have lived well is to have changed often.

-John Henry Newman

Here in Charlotte, God’s given our Pastor a vision….we exist so that people who are far from God will be filled with life in Christ. So that’s what we ground ourselves in–living out the gospel.

We’re not going to be shaken from that vision. But the strategies that will see that vision to fulfillment will always be shifting. We’ve changed a lot since I’ve been here the last year and a half. Pastor Steven consistently challenges us to think in new, groundbreaking, innovative ways….we are constantly tweaking our habits, learning from our mistakes, shifting our thinking, all the while creating our own unique culture.

As brought to our attention today in staff meeting…

Our old way of thinking: How much can I do?
Our new way of thinking: How much can I empower others to do?

I’m so glad we’re not stuck in the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mindset. I’m proud to be a part of a living and breathing movement of God that’s advancing. I’m thankful that we’re not limiting God’s vision for Charlotte to what he’s doing in Oklahoma City or Atlanta or Seattle just because it’s worked for them. I think there’s something wrong with a handful of megachurches casting the mold for what happens in the majority of Christian churches around the world. Listen to the heart of God for your city. Chances are he’s got something uniquely crafted for you…for the people in your city. Let’s learn from each other, not just mimic one another.

Move on. Be ready and open for change. Mature. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Take risks. It’ll set you apart. And what makes you unique is what makes you powerful.

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Pics from Yesterday’s CD Release

Here’s some pics of the experience yesterday at Butler. And Sean Lyon is the stinkin man at photography.

The stage at Butler looked sick.

And then there’s this guy whom I love. Despite what you might think, he’s only 21. Yes, we gave out ice cream…from an ice cream truck.

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That’s Absurd

This morning we released the Elevation Worship record. Cool. Thousands of dollars were raised from the proceeds of the record to help Wade and Ferris in their circumstances.

Tonight we gathered at McGlohon Theater in Uptown to celebrate what God’s doing in the heart of this city. Dang. What happened there was ridiculous. Yes, absurd. I’ve never in my life seen a church give so much of themselves in worship to Jesus. Never seen so many people get so excited about loving others, about serving others, about what’s to come this next year as we reach into the center of Charlotte with this campus, about seeing the wealthy business man sit beside the homeless man and hear the same Truth that they are loved by God.

I’m so proud to be a part of this church and what God’s doing in the city of Charlotte. I’m so proud of our people and their hearts. And I’m proud to be a part of something that’s moving forward…fast.

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